LA Bar Defies Excessive Lockdown Orders, Refuses to Shut Down

California’s extremely strict COVID-19 restrictions aren’t enough for these bar owners to shut down. Cronies Sports Grill, in Agoura Hills, Los Angeles County, are defying the orders against outdoor dining, and the fines are piling up.

When COVID-19 restrictions in California once again banned outdoor seating for restaurants, Cronies decided to fly in the face of those guidelines, garnering multiple fines of over $1,000 and the removal of its license to operate.

Cronies has continued to serve customers on its outdoor patio despite having repeatedly received notice that the restaurant would face fines for its disregard of Los Angeles County COVID restrictions. Dave Foldes, the restaurant’s owner, says the business will not survive if outdoor seating is removed.

“I don’t think Agoura Hills is any greater of a COVID-19 threat,” Foldes said. “We’re outdoors, just like everyone else in the state has been doing. We’re following safety guidelines for personal protective equipment, masks, face shields and sanitizing, all that. Read more…

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