Indian Activists Brag About How They Enacted Bribery Schemes for Democrat Votes in Nevada

In the latest sign that America is devolving into a third-world mobocracy, a video has emerged of Indian activists bragging about how they were bribing people to get Democrat votes in the crucial battleground state of Nevada.

“$25 dollar gift cards to raffle off, so that’s a lot of money, cash, here. We have also four $100 gift cards to give away, umm, so again, you want to make sure you get out here to vote, and then we have four $250 gift cards to raffle and our grand prize is going to be a $500 VISA gift card,” the activist said in the video.

Big League Politics has reported about the rampant gangsterism that happened in Nevada, which was one of the states that repeatedly paused votes as mysterious ballots showed up at the dead of night:

A poll worker with the Clark County Elections Department in Nevada is blowing the whistle in a signed affidavit making appalling allegations of electoral fraud that they claim has occurred in the key battleground state. Read more…

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