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How The “Body Positivity” Movement is Hurting Women

By avoiding the issue of obesity, in particular, the body positivity movement allows for its physical and mental consequences to continue hurting people.

Calling obesity healthy is a lie. Obesity poses serious health risks and denying these problems harms people rather than helps them…

These ideas hurt people since obesity doesn’t just affect your physical health but also your mental health. The article “Obesity and Mental Health: Is There a Link?” from the Obesity Action Coalition mentions that obese people have a 55% increased chance of developing depression. The body positivity movement wants to ignore these stats though. In fact, it promotes a lack of self-discipline and normalizes subpar health, which increases obesity…

Relaxing is sometimes necessary. But taking breaks too frequently and allowing yourself to play a passive role in your own life can turn into an unhealthy habit. Read more…

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