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Fishy: Houston Thug Accused of Killing Cop Bailed Out of Jail on $750,000 Bond

A Houston career criminal charged with the shooting death of a veteran police officer was bailed out of the Harris County Jail last week, troubling members of the community who are unhappy to see Robert Soliz leave police custody.

24-year old Soliz was charged with the shooting of Sean Rios in November, being arrested less than 24 hours after the killing of the off-duty 25-year veteran officer. Soliz has been arrested several times since 2014 for charges ranging from drug possession to evading arrest and criminal trespass. Police have described the youth as an admitted gang member.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo has described Rios being shot in the crossfire of an altercation between two vehicles.

Soliz somehow came up with the massive bond of $750,000 a judge had set for him sometime last week, leaving many questioning as to how the 24-year old man paid three-quarters of a million dollars to leave jail. A $500,000 bond was set on the murder charge, two $100,000 bonds on two aggravated assault counts, and a $50,000 bond for drug possessions. As a condition of his bond, he’s under 24/7 house arrest and outfitted with a GPS ankle monitor.

Houston Police Union representative Douglas Griffith slammed the court system for setting the murder defendant loose, even after Soliz had claimed to be indigent in earlier court filings. Read more…

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