Explosive Report Exposes Biden’s Handlers, German Visit Secrets

It’s been quite a spectacle watching the mainstream media suddenly flip-flop on Joe Biden’s cognitive health. Just weeks ago, they were lecturing us about so-called “cheap fakes,” and now they’re finally reporting what we’ve known all along: Biden’s debate disaster wasn’t his first public stumble, and it certainly won’t be his last.

Conservative critics have been raising the alarm about Biden’s mental state long before he took office, while the media turned a blind eye. The video evidence has been piling up, showing Biden’s struggles, yet the media is only now catching on. Better late than never, I suppose.

Biden’s handlers have been working overtime to shield him from the press and any tough questions. Remember back in 2020 when they were herding reporters away from Biden like cattle? That was just a preview of things to come. Fast forward to now, and the control exerted over Biden by his team is glaringly obvious.

The Wall Street Journal recently detailed how Biden’s handlers have been stage-managing his every move, limiting his schedule, and avoiding impromptu exchanges. They’ve even restricted news conferences and media appearances, twice declining Super Bowl interviews. At fundraisers, Biden’s interactions are tightly scripted, with questions pre-submitted by donors.

A particularly telling incident occurred during a fundraiser in New York, where Biden seemed lost answering questions about the Middle East until an aide whispered in his ear. It’s clear that the president is not operating independently, and the control extends beyond the White House to campaign events as well.

German officials got a firsthand look at this during Biden’s 2022 visit. A confidential meeting was planned with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, but Biden didn’t show up. Instead, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that Biden had to go to bed. This was not an isolated incident; similar situations have occurred at other international events.

In July 2023, Biden skipped a NATO Summit dinner in Lithuania, sending Blinken in his place. The official excuse was that Biden had four full days of official business, but as the Daily Mail pointed out, Biden had only been in Europe since Sunday night after a leisure day at the beach.

The pattern is clear: Biden’s handlers are doing everything they can to manage his appearances and shield him from scrutiny. Even the Easter Bunny was roped into the act, corralling Biden away from random questions. When the Easter Bunny is in on the routine, you know we’re in deep trouble.

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