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Dr. Fauci Asked if Women’s March Was a ‘Superspreader’ Event. He Doesn’t Answer

Dr. Anthony Fauci is not a politician – at least, not in the elected sense. He had to have a certain kind of political skill to get to be the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. But daily interactions with the media wasn’t in the job description.

But the good doctor is learning. He’s learning how to say a lot without saying anything. This is especially true about controversial subjects like social distancing during demonstrations involving radical groups like Black Lives Matter or antifa.

To you and I, it’s not controversial. Except Fauci heavily criticized Donald Trump for the Rose Garden press conference introducing Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. It became a “supersreader” event which I guess the media defines as any Trump event where more than one person gets sick from the coronavirus. Read more…

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