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Don’t Look Now, But the Left is Losing

Millions of schoolchildren across the United States are starting the academic year off with more access to school choice than ever before following hard-fought wins in courtrooms, state legislatures, and at the ballot box.

Arizona, which has a long legacy of education freedom, is leading the way. The state has pioneered policies that expand school choice, including education savings accounts, state-backed private school scholarships, a growing charter school sector, and a thriving open enrollment policy…

“School choice” is an umbrella term used to describe the movement to expand alternatives to traditional public schools, which include charter schools, private schools, magnet schools, open enrollment schools, online learning, homeschooling, or other learning environments a family chooses.

While school choice has been around for nearly 150 years – Vermont’s town-tuition program started serving families in 1869 – the modern movement began in the early 1990s. In 1991, Wisconsin became the first state to create a modern school voucher program. That same year, Minnesota became the first state to create a law allowing charter schools. The City Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota, the nation’s first publicly funded, privately run charter school, opened its doors in 1992. Read more…

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