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Democrat Mayor: ‘We Need’ Illegal Immigrants!

New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has controversially insisted that the United States “needs” illegal immigrants, sparking a debate over the nation’s immigration policies. During an interview on Friday, Adams suggested that the illegal immigration crisis could be beneficial, particularly in addressing population concerns.

Adams argued, “Many of our municipalities, they have needs of workers, their populations have dropped,” during his appearance on New York’s 1010 WINS’s “The PM Rush.” This perspective implies that the influx of illegal immigrants might fill gaps in the workforce and help revitalize areas experiencing population decline. However, this viewpoint overlooks the broader implications and challenges associated with illegal immigration.

When questioned about whether former President Donald Trump’s or President Joe Biden’s immigration policies would be more effective, Adams emphasized the need for immigration reform. He contended that the millions of illegal aliens who have crossed the southern border during Biden’s presidency do not necessarily have to be seen negatively. “I think that we need real, true immigration reform. We need to make sure we monitor the movement at the border, and we need a decompression strategy that allows those who come into the country to also address the needs of the country,” Adams stated. While acknowledging the need for reform, he did not provide a clear plan to manage the current crisis effectively.

Earlier this year, Adams faced backlash for distributing pre-paid credit cards to illegal immigrants residing in New York City. He defended the controversial move as a “real win” and a “smart way to bring down the cost” of supporting the thousands of illegal aliens in the city. Adams claimed that this initiative would save the city approximately $600,000 a month and $7.2 million a year by enabling illegal aliens to use the pre-paid cards at local businesses. Critics argue that this approach incentivizes illegal immigration and places an undue financial burden on taxpayers.

Adams’s comments come at a time when new Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data revealed that 170,723 illegal immigrants were encountered while crossing the southern border in May alone. The data also indicates that since Biden took office, more than 9.8 million illegal aliens have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. This surge has raised serious concerns about national security, economic strain, and the ability of local communities to manage the influx.

From a conservative perspective, Adams’s stance on illegal immigration underscores a broader issue of liberal policies that fail to prioritize the rule of law and the well-being of American citizens. Effective immigration reform should focus on securing the borders, enforcing existing laws, and creating a fair and legal process for those seeking to enter the country. It is crucial to address these challenges head-on rather than glossing over the negative impacts and pushing policies that encourage further illegal immigration.

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