Data Proves that Fauci’s Vaxx is Dangerous

This U.K. and New South Wales Australia data is alarming as to the risks faced by the COVID jab boosted population for hospitalization and death (post shot).

The fraud started when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes for Health (NIH), and World Health Organization (WHO), along with public health leaders like Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins and Rochelle Walensky, came up with the master deceit, whereby they redefined what it meant to be “vaccinated.”

You had to be 14-15 days post shot, and have taken multiple doses. In other words, all those infections, hospitalizations, and deaths that occurred from day one all the way to day fifteen post shot were counted as being “unvaccinated.” And these beasts were then able to go on the media and say “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated” to drive fear and for you to rush to be vaccinated knowing full well that they were shilling for a fake, failed, ineffective, dangerous injection…

You’ll be over 13 times less likely to die from conditions involving COVID-19. Your all-cause mortality risks, even, will be around two and a half times lower if you’re fully jabbed – isn’t that something of a bonus? Read more…

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