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CDC Confirms One in Four Transsexuals in Cities Have HIV

It was already widely understood that transgender “women” are by definition mentally ill and far more likely to commit suicide, but it turns out they have an elevated risk to catch HIV as well.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found in a study that more than four out of 10 transgender “women” in big cities have contracted HIV. This is the level of depravity that children are being indoctrinated to accept thanks to the LGBT ‘rights’ plague that is ravaging society.

Additionally, two-thirds of black transgender “women” and over one-third of Hispanic transgender “women” have HIV as well. They conducted interviews with members of the transgender community in cities such as Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Francisco and New York City to find that 42 percent of transgender “women” had the incurable virus.

Other disturbing findings from the survey include that over one-third of respondents had prostituted their bodies. 42 percent of respondents had been homeless, 17 percent had been jailed, and 63 percent had lived under the poverty line. The results show that the transgender lifestyle leads to a horrendous quality of life defined by the worst qualities of mankind.

In predictable fashion, LGBT advocates are using this news to promote more transgender acceptance as they advance their civilizational death spiral further.

“These data provide a clear and compelling picture of the severe toll of HIV among transgender women and the social and economic factors — including systemic racism and transphobia — that are contributing to this unacceptable burden,” said Demetre Daskalakis, the CDC’s chief of HIV prevention, in response to the findings. Read more…

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