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“Body Positivity” is Healthy Living, Not Enabling Obesity

The body positivity movement has told us you don’t need to be a size zero or have perfect abs to be worthy of love.

But Having a Healthy Body Is Entirely Separate from the Way We Feel about How We Look.

This is where the body positivity movement fails to empower women. We can love ourselves so much we end up ignoring warning signs that our bodies are unhealthy. Feelings don’t change facts. And the truth is obesity can lead to diabetes and other major health problems.

According to the CDC, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S. in 2015. The same report stated that nearly one in four adults are living with diabetes, which is a total of 7.2 million Americans, and were unaware of their condition. Furthermore, only 11.6% of adults with pre-diabetes knew they had it. Read more…

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