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Black Privilege? Predator Schoolboard Member Won’t Resign

…What the report does corroborate is deeply troubling in its own right – startling allegations of sexual harassment by Anderson of students. And unlike the assault allegations, which Anderson has denied, even Anderson acknowledges, in whole or in part, the harassment incidents that occurred over several years. Like other public figures called out for sexual misconduct, Anderson quibbles over the details. But the basic facts are not in dispute…

“(T)he report reveals behavior unbecoming of a board member. As elected officials, we must hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards in carrying out the best interests of the district,” the statement reads in part. “Director Anderson’s behavior does not meet those standards.”

The statement is a departure from months of pretending, “there’s nothing to see here, folks,” and of carrying on with Anderson as if nothing had happened. Yet, it’s also a dramatic understatement of the gravity of the situation…

Keep in mind that parts of the investigators’ report have been redacted and have yet to be made public. That’s partly in deference to Anderson’s claim that release would “violate his privacy interests,” as the board put it in its joint statement. Read more…

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