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Bill Maher Unleashes Fury Against Left’s Anti-Semitism, Democrat Policies!

Liberal comedian Bill Maher took the political Left to task this week, criticizing their stance on issues ranging from anti-Semitism to woke parenting that has left a generation adrift.

During his HBO “Real Time” show on Friday, Maher also warned that Democrats are headed for a significant defeat in the upcoming November elections due to President Joe Biden’s weak stance on border security.

“Voters from the European Parliament said, ‘We do not like this much immigration,’” Maher noted, highlighting the significant gains made by Right-wing parties in recent European elections. “Voters keep saying over and over again, we are not comfortable with this level of immigration. It doesn’t make you racist to say that. It’s going to hurt them on election day.”

On the topic of Israel, Maher pointed out that anti-Semitism from the political Left is far worse than what comes from the Right, yet it receives minimal coverage.

His comments follow a series of incidents where pro-Hamas leftists waved terrorist flags in New York City, vandalized Jewish homes, and celebrated the October 7 massacre.

“How come it’s okay for the Left to hate the Jews?” Maher questioned. “If this was the people at Charlottesville doing this, wouldn’t there be a bigger outcry?”

“If the people in Charlottesville who were chanting ‘Jews won’t replace us,’ I mean, that’s bad,” he said. “But it’s not as bad as ‘Death to.’ If I was a Holocaust survivor, I would choose ‘Jews will not replace us’ over ‘Death to Zionists.’”

Maher noted the lack of condemnation similar to that of Charlottesville’s events.

Maher also called for a return to “traditional dads” who understand their role as parents, not friends, to their children.

“Our kids are crippled with anxiety because they haven’t properly been prepared for a world that doesn’t revolve around them,” he stated. “The mental health disorder is on the part of the adults, not the children. The adults forgot that to a child, discipline is love.”

He emphasized that parents should be able to say “because I said so” when giving instructions to their children.

“He isn’t your emotional support animal,” Maher said. “He’s simply a guy who understands the job: to raise an adult who can survive in the wild.”

Maher also addressed the issue of boys lacking strong father figures, leading them to follow negative influencers like Andrew Tate.

“He’s popular with teenage boys because when we don’t give them a masculine male role model to look up to, they go out and find one,” he said. “And being teenage boys, of course it’s going to be the worst possible one.”

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