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Beware: Feminist Moms Are Destroying Homeschooling

Our family homeschools our own child. I am constantly criticising the “publik skoolz” for their many deficiencies and crimes against both children and parents. I think I’ve pretty well established my playground cred on this… What I’m talking about is the tendency of a “Christianised” or “conservativised” type of longhouse mentality to infiltrate homeschooling institutions…

Like it or not, men and women are different. They have different strengths and weaknesses which God “built into” us at creation. One of the strengths of men – which women largely do not share – is the capacity for decisive leadership, for leadership that isn’t driven by emotion or sentimentalism. These longhouse women running these ancillary homeschool groups did what they did precisely because they confused “leadership” with “making a plethora of unneeded rules.” They mistake henpeckery for genuine authority.

This is why it is so vitally important for men to be involved at the local level in the homeschooling apparatus that is available. Sorry ladies, but these groups really do need to be guided by masculine leadership. Decisions cannot be make as a result of emotion or personal pique. Having seen what happens when you don’t have masculine leadership, I am more convinced of this than ever. Read more…

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