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Alvin Bragg to File Charges Against Hero Marine

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg plans to bring manslaughter charges against former Marine Daniel Penny after he saved lives and protected fellow New Yorkers from a violent, longtime criminal on the subway.

“The 24-year-old former Marine seen on video gripping the neck of Jordan Neely, who died of the chokehold on the floor of an F train in Manhattan this month, is expected to be charged and surrender as early as Friday, three sources familiar with the matter tell News 4 New York,” NBC 4 New York reports.”[The] decision to charge Daniel Penny was made by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office – and will happen without being presented to a grand jury at this time.”

Last week Jordan Neely, who was previously arrested 40 times and attempted to kidnap a seven year old girl, was subdued by Penny and others after threatening violence against subway passengers. As a result of Neely’s actions and threats, he died. Video shows Penny putting Neely in a recover position after stopping his threatening posture. Read more…

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