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Abbott Stands Up for Patriot, Will Pardon Sergeant

Army Sergeant Daniel Perry was driving his Uber through downtown Austin, Texas, on the night of July 25, 2020, when he found himself in the middle of a Black Lives Matter protest. The mob surrounded his car and began banging on it.

Outside the car, Perry could see Garrett Foster carrying a loaded AK-47. Fearing for his life, Perry shot at Foster five times with his .357 revolver – legally owned and with the proper permit to carry it – and killed him.

What’s rarely mentioned in connection with this incident was that after Perry fired at Foster, other protesters opened fire on Perry’s car. Four shots rang out with three bullets hitting Perry’s car. No one was ever apprehended for shooting at Perry. “Mostly peaceful,” don’t you know?

Perry drove a safe distance away and called the police. After questioning him, the police released him. But Austin’s Soros-backed prosecutor, José Garza, decided to charge Perry with murder and aggravated assault. Read more…

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