4yo Cash Gernon’s Murderer Has Been Charged

Police have charged 18-year-old Darriynn Ronnell Brown with capital murder over the death of four-year-old boy Cash Gernon after new lab evidence came to light.

The charge comes four weeks after Gernon was snatched from his bed before being found stabbed to death on a Dallas street on May 15.

Brown was already facing kidnapping and theft charges relating to Cash’s disappearance that were filed last month, and he reportedly tried to snatch a two-year-old girl in February but was thwarted then.

While police did not say what the new evidence was, the Dallas Police Department said it links Brown to the toddler at the time of his death, leading to the capital murder charge being brought against him.

If found guilty, capital punishment in Texas carries an automatic life sentence and even the death penalty. The desired punishment will be determined by prosecutors before the trial starts.

‘Evidence submitted to the lab has been returned linking Darriynn Brown to Cash Gernon at the time of his death,’ the Dallas Police Department said on Wednesday in a short statement on its website giving an update on the case. Read more…

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