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    How sad that some critics of Dr. Carson (who probably are deep down “Never Trump-ers”) would take offense to the CONTENT of his words rather than the CONTEXT of his statements. I worked with a domestic violence non-profit for over 7 years, and what Dr. Carson described DOES happen. How do the critics propose protecting the women in these shelters from sick predators that Dr. Carson was speaking about. This is an example of how political correctness (PC) has gone too far when the PC crowd’s insensitivities are given more attention than the REAL victims.

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    The doctor is right on point this time How if a man can change inro transgender man unger the zone of a shelter to protect the woman from beinga victim again and you have this (man transgender) is going to be a man that can go unknown of what he can put within a Shelter of woman ‘s that they are not being protected . I think transgender men have there owned space and the woman’s be with all real women by birth.


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