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    You have no right to assume that about parents. Parents don’t care whether doctors get a kick back or whether vaccinations are cheap or not. Every child is different and some vaccinations have adverse effects on some children.

    I have 2 cats (I know they are not children) but one of my cats was vaccinated and nearly died from an allergic reaction; the other cat – no problem. That’s how it is with children.

    I find your article to be smug and intellectually dishonest.

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    Whoever wrote this is terribly misinformed and has not done her research. Death from vaccines are more numerous than deaths from the actual diseases. How much mercury,
    aluminum, GMO’s, aborted fetal cells, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde are you willing to
    inject? Why did the Supreme Court rule them “avoidably unsafe”?

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    Your article is filled with opinion and void of facts. Do your research next time. Pharma absolutely profits off of vaccines and aborted babies. They even go so far as to give mega bonuses to doctors who acheive a certain percentage of vaccinated patients. Families are suffering needlessly due to vaccines and for you to publish something like this you should be embarressed enough to do some real fact checking.

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    Carl G Loy

    Total BS. Parents who don’t vaccinate are aware of the risks that are involved by vaccinating and choose what is best for their child, in spite of all the propaganda that says they are safe even with their toxic mercury, aluminium, ingredients, and some have a problem with fetal cells being included as well. Billions of dollars are involved; lucrative careers supported. Common sense says it is stupid to inject foreign substances into a healthy child trying to trick the immune system where the disease it is supposed to prevent, but often does not, is not as dangerous as the adverse affects of the vaccine.

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      We have all but wiped out these diseases based on creation of life saving vaccinations. Science has dispelled the myth that these vaccines cause autism – and the people who still choose not to vaccinate their children are risking their child’s life and putting many other children at risk.

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    vaccines don’t cause autism, but autism-like symptoms. many attempts to diminish and dispel this stuff. unknown ingredients, short term trials & results, underreported reactions, no wonder there are issues.

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    Your statement about autism flies in the face of decades of research that says immunizations do not cause this awful condition. Show some proof that it does if you are going to make a bold statement like this.

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    Herschel McMillan

    No vaccine in people coming across our borders may be worse than the illegals with the drugs

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    If you read Wikipedia Herd Immunity its a nice recap of where we have come from and what the goals are. I am on the fence about the effects of vaccines on my family. We are all immunized because of my strong belief in the benefits to the overall population. The long term effects of getting away from herd immunity are scary. Folks don’t like to be isolated or told they cannot participate in events when they are contagious. Even if they are handling the disease well it’s the potential effects on the vulnerable. I told a mother in the ER once whom had 3 school aged kids positive for Whooping Cough she had to keep them away from the babies at Church. She was insulted and felt I had violated her religious freedom. As a RN I explained her children would fair well but the “vulnerable” babies would suffer from Whooping cough more severely. She refused to keep family out of church while her kids were contagious. There is no mechanism for mandated cooperation. Lets say you have feed, educated and raised the next Einstein. They are now in a “vulnerable” status when it comes to integration into society. I guess what keeps me going is thinking about taking a shot for the freedom and overall general better health of the whole. WWJD?

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    Measles and Chickenpox vaccines do NOT give life-long immunity like catching the disease does. I’m not sure about Mumps.

    It is far better to actually catch some diseases as a child than to get them as an adult. When one of our kids got Measles or Chickenpox, we made sure that all of our kids got it.

    There is no way a baby needs Hepatitis vaccine unless her mom has Hepatitis.

    Since Tetanus is NOT contagious, Tetanus vaccination does NOT confer ANY social benefit.

    The US medical community “recommends” twice as many vaccinations as Europe. Why? It is profitable for someone.

    At the same time, there are some diseases that were thought to have been eradicated that are coming back and some illegal aliens are carrying them. Vaccination works for things like Polio.

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    Interesting. I’ve tried three times to post a comment and none have gone through.

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    My guess is that many of the commenters posting here did not live through the 1940s and 1950s when Polio was a fearsome disease that kept children from community swimming pools and any activity that was attended by many children, like going to the zoo or playgrounds. Salk’s polio vaccine was a miracle to many of us growing up in those days. You never want to go back to pre-vaccine days.

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    Your writer should do a little research before posting such ilinformed material. She could start with Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s site Childrens Health Defense https://childrenshealthdefense.org/. Big Pharma IS making big bucks on vaccines. And the doctors at CDC that approve them, who have conflicts of interest, are also making big bucks.

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    This article should demonstrate to all readers that “Conservative Woman” is a fake contrivance intended to plant disinformation into truly conservative and patriot readers. Anyone who knows anything at all about the issues of vaccinations easily recognizes this as an poorly veiled attempt to belittle caring and concerned parents.
    Note that there is no by-line on this article, so the authorship cannot be traced.
    Note that this “newsletter” does not actually tell you anything about who is responsible for publishing it, except for some vague reference to Stella Management.
    No legitimate honest newsletter would be completely anonymous in authorship or entity behind it.
    Stella Management is also responsible for The Daily Grind, which is another fake newsletter set up to publish just enough legitimate information as to be able to spread a significant level of disinformation.
    Beware these fakes!


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