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    Chris Harrison

    No one kicked you off the plane because you are Jewish. You were kicked off the plane because your BO was offensive to those around you. You don’t have the right to make people physically ill because of the bacteria creating your horrendous BO.

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      George Wilson

      Chris, can you define “horrendous BO” for us objectively? Seriously. They were kicked off because they were Jewish. Sounds like a liberal ploy.

      1. 1.1.1


        Why do you think this is a liberal ploy? By the people who complained or by the couple?

    2. 1.2


      Sad and humiliating though…

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    David Timm

    Just another case of individuals using their religion to shield themselves from otherwise justified criticism. One’s right to swing his/her fist – or project his/her BO – stops where my nose begins.

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    j blewett

    was on a flight with a similar family that was odorously offensive. Smelled nauseatingly like they had not wiped sufficiently. It was so bad the flight crew gave free drinks to those of us nearby…

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    The biggest problem is with people who spray themselves with deodorants, perfume, aftershave etc. Who wants to sit next to a person who smells of one of these that makes one feel sick. Some people are allergic to smells e.g. hyacynthe perfume which triggers asmatic attacks. I’ve never heard of anyone having an asmatic attack because of natural body oder. I can guarantee if I complained of someone smelling of Dior J’adore on the plane they would not be ejected but it’s just as bad as smelling of cabbage. One persons bad smell is another persons pleasant smell. so let just have non smelling people on the plane. Sniffer dogs could be used to detect smelly people. Just think no smelly noisy children would be heaven

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    So every passenger on that particular knew these stinkers were Jewish? Seriously? Some have beliefs that bathing is wrong and they stink to high heaven, which offends others who practice good

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    If the picture with the article is correct, then I’d say they’re Jewish. Doesn’t mean that’s why they were kicked off the plane though…..


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