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10 Bad Dating Habits to Ditch in 2022

Changing up our diet is great, but our dating habits need some updating for the new year too.

The coming of a new year will always inspire in us a sense of it’s time for the new me. We desire to feel like we’re moving forward, becoming our best selves, and maturing. More often than not, we’ll turn to a new gym membership, a wardrobe update, a fresh haircut, or swearing off added sugars. We promise ourselves we’ll cut out all of our bad habits and replace them with good ones.

The habits that are always neglected, however? Our dating habits. We assume if we just keep looking, swiping, or hoping, we’ll eventually bump into the one, like it’s a numbers game. But what if it’s not? What if, just like with our mild addiction to sweets, our dating habits are hurting us more than we realize?

There’s no better time than the new year for a reality check. Here are some dating habits we can all kiss goodbye in 2022. Read more…

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