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‘Sesame Street’ to Air Special Teaching Children How to Be ‘Anti-Racist’

Sesame Street is set to air a 30-minute special this month aimed at teaching children and families how to be “anti-racist.” The special will define “racism” for young audiences, and urge children to call out others who they suspect of being racist.

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street, will air a half-hour “anti-racist” TV special, entitled, “The Power of We,” which will stream on HBO Max and PBS Kids, and air on PBS stations starting on October 15.

“When you see something that’s wrong, speak up and say, ‘That’s wrong’ and tell an adult,” advises 6-year-old Gabrielle the Muppet.

In one skit, a black Muppet is told by a white Muppet that he can’t dress up like a superhero because they’re only white. The black Muppet nonetheless refuses to stop playing superheroes, saying they can come in all colors. The white Muppet then apologizes. “Racism hurts and it’s wrong,” is the message. Read more…

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