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Mexican Cardinal Calls Out ‘Globocrats’ For Using COVID to Implement ‘World Government,’ Population Control

Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez, former Archbishop of Guadalajara, Mexico, posted aa video on January 12 accusing supporters of the New World Order of promoting their cause by implementing the restrictions and measures through which they are weakening nations and economies amid the coronavirus crisis. He also accused them of “intending” to put a “chip” in the COVID-19 vaccines that would be the “mark of the beast” of the Apocalypse without which it would be impossible to “buy or sell.”

Shortly after the video was posted on Cardinal Sandoval’s Facebook page, it was censored by the social media giant, which added a “false information” flag and the words: “This publication repeats information about COVID-19, which independent fact checkers indicated is false.” According to some sources the video could not be accessed but at the time of writing this story, viewers can choose to ignore the message and go ahead to watch the video. Under the title “La Trame de un nuevo orden mundial sin Cristo” (The plot for a new order), the video is available on YouTube uncensored. Read more…

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