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Hundreds of Protestors Prevent Vote on New COVID Restrictions From Moving Forward in Boise, Idaho

The Central District Health Board (CDH) of Boise, Idaho met virtually to vote on the implementation of new COVID-19 restrictions on Tuesday night, but were forced to end their meeting prematurely when hundreds of protestors gathered outside of CDH headquarters and at a number of board members’ residences.

Part way through the virtual meeting, Russ Duke, the Director of the CDH, informed the board that Boise Mayor Lauren McLean and the chief of police had requested an early end to the meeting, citing safety concerns.

“I got a call from the mayor… and she is requesting that we stop the meeting at this time because of the intense level of protesters in the parking lot and concern for police safety and staff safety as well as the protesters that are at some of our board members’ homes right now,” Duke said. Read more…

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