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Dems Enact Vaxx Mandate for Pre-Teen Kids

The Los Angeles school board has voted to mandate coronavirus vaccines for all eligible students aged 12 and older, in a unanimous decision by the nation’s second-largest school district that’s sure to stoke controversy.

The board for the Los Angeles Unified School District voted to mandate jabs for students on Thursday, with no members dissenting. The move will require all eligible students “to become vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination” to school administrators, while kids who just turned 12 will be made to receive their first shot within one month of their birthdays…

Students who qualify will be required to receive their final vaccine dose by December 19 and must be considered fully vaccinated by January 10, as the inoculations take some time to trigger the intended immune response. Those seeking to participate in extracurricular programs, meanwhile, must take their second shot by October 31, the board said. Read more…

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