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Ann Henry lives in rural America with her husband and three small kids. She manages their household and is the children's primary caretaker. She freelance writes for various publications as a part-time vocation.

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    Where is the factual evidence of treason? Trump wanted to know what happened in 2016 with the Bidens and with Crowdstrike. Did the prior Ukrainian government interfere on behalf of the Democrats (they have already said they did in early 2017) and how many Americans were paid off with American Aid dollars? It is still unbelievable asking about corruption is allegedly a crime, but actual corruption is not.

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    David Sparkman

    I disagree strongly with your suggestion of treason. As the Liberals so fondly say, no one is above the law, so being a possible presidential candidate cannot exempt you from the corruption that is so plainly visible with Joe Biden. You would hamstring our justice system for the sake of politics. But of course that is exactly what with Hillary selling our country’s favors for donations that was protected by the Justice department deciding not to enforce the law. You might remember the phrase “some animals are more equal than others”. That is what you are proposing. How can you be writing for a blog that claims to be conservative???

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    I do not see how the actual transcript of Trump’s phone call with Zelensky supports the allegation you seem to be supporting. He asked Zelensky to do him the favor of looking into Ukrainian corruption around the 2016 election. The U.S. made an agreement with the Ukraine to investigate corruption, passed by Congress and signed by Clinton, and, as the chief executive, the President is responsible for doing this. Only later in the phone call was Biden mentioned. Again, they were discussing the investigation of corruption, of which Biden is guilty from his own words, and again, it is the President’s responsibility to make sure that such investigations take place.

    So how is it possible to reach the conclusion that the President should be impeached? What for, for doing his job?

    It troubles me greatly that someone writing under the moniker of “conservative woman” would echo the manifestly false allegations of the Democrats, none of which could be proved in many hours of testimony by “witnesses” who witnessed nothing because the Democrats refused to call as witnesses the people who actually sat in on the conversation.

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    Impeachment … you seem to be a wolf in sheeps clothing … there is nothing in the famous phone call that warrants impeachment. You may not like that VP Biden put himself in the crosshairs of concern, but inquiring for factual information of prior actions is reasonable. Funding oppo research producing false info on an opponent, as did the Dems, ie Steele IS Damaging … but to the Dems, not Trump. You seem to have bought the coolaid. Trump sought accurate info, and the Dems bought falsehoods. And Trump is the guilty party .. get real.

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    Who wrote this and what “facts” were they citing?
    Because her “facts” are completely wrong!
    1/ There was NO “pressure” by our President.
    —The transcripts do NOT reveal “pressure” or “demands” from our President.
    — The Ukrainian President publicly stated that there was NO pressure!
    2/ There was NO quid pro quo revealed in the phone call.
    — Sondland testified that he asked the President directly and Trump said “I don’t want anything,
    NO quid pro quo.
    3/ Our President asked “Do “us” a favor…” meaning “us” as in our country/our citizens! There is NOTHING wrong with asking a ally to look into corruption that probably involved the 2016 election. NO ONE is above law, INCLUDING JOE BIDEN and WE should know the truth about his corruption before we go to the polls!
    NONTHING Trump did is an impeachable offense!
    Democrats are just protecting Biden from his likely crimes by saying that Trump asking about his corruption is somehow a crime! It’s total BS!


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