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    This is a natural occurring thing. Earth has experience ice ages before and that is Mother Nature’s fault, not humans fault. We are going through a natural ice age again and it is not the “climate change” thing that authorities that hate us think it is and they are stupid idiots if they keep proclaiming that it is just like idiot AOC claims.

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      Pat, are you a scientist? Do you know something that nearly all climate scientists do not understand?

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    Just as the predictions made back in the 90’s by Al Gore. I see the east coast of the US is still above sea level which Gore promised would be under water by 2000. Pure liberal junk science for the purpose of selling “carbon credits” and other lunatic money grabbing schemes.

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    What hyperbole! Anyone interested in the truth should take a look at ScienceNordic.com to see real data and reporting. At the relatively miniscule rate of loss that is occuring it would take over 10,000 years to cut the ice mass on Greenland by half. Ice mass has expanded in Greenland over the last 7 years and is conservatively estimated to contain over 2,600,000,000,000,000 tons of ice and snow currently.

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    Robin I am a scientist but you do not have to be in order to understand the actual data. Please educate yourself by exploring the actual facts that can be found at ScienceNordic.com. Scientists from The Danish Meteorological Institute and Polar Portal have made every effort to make their reports easy to read and comprehend instead of adding a specific politically oriented spin.


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