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Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.

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    Democrats need to be voted out of office. They destroy every city they run and yet idiots still vote them into office.

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    Denver Resident

    We are now voting on Initiative #300 that allows for the homeless the right to rest and shelter in public outdoor areas. This is bad policy and doesn’t address the real reason of homelessness. Only when you address the real issue can we attempt to solve it. Putting a band-aid on the problem like Initiative #300 is trying to do will exacerbate the issue. Look at LA or Seattle and their crisis. Denver needs to “wake” up and put an end to ridiculous liberal policies.

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    the problem is the “government bribes ” in the form of hand outs that they
    can not afford to pay for, but continue to raise taxes, force hard working individuals
    to have to leave their homes and move to a more capitalistic state over the
    ones run by socialists ,
    the old statement about socialists they love spending
    other peoples money and do so till it is all gone!
    if they love socialism so much then why do they not move to a country
    like Cuba or Russia and “live their socialist dream” and leave America alone.

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    The “progressive” mayor is complicit in the paralysis exhibited in Denver and every other Democrat-run city, town, and village in this country. Make so many regulations that you never get through them. I have an idea: ignore those regs and declare an emergency. Do your job!


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