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    Susan Lone

    You state that it can be administered safely from ages 15 to 21. Who says it is safe? Do you rely on the CDC? They lie to us with every vaccine on the market. I suggest you read a book by Handley regarding the truth about Autism and how to eradicate it. Quite a eye opener. Look at what was done to Dr. Mercola. There are many natural doctors who will dispute this with you regarding the safety of this vaccine. Do some more homework please.

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    When my granddaughter was at “that age”; her mother consulted with two of their doctors. They both said they would never give their own daughters the vaccine.

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    How many deaths and unintended consequences been unreported due to young women having been vaccinated with this Big Pharma con job?? Even a few years back I remember reading reports that seemingly healthy young women were unable to conceive at all, that were vaccinated. Basically it sounds like a “undercover sterilization process”.


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