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    You DO have standing, because some of the ‘solutions’ will affect your safety. And if you have grandkids or even nieces and nephews, their safety as well.

    There has not been a single ‘gun control’ solution offered that would have made a difference at MSD, since the sheriff’s office, local DA and school district failed to use the legal tools they already had.

    Criminals in the US and abroad have always resorted to stealing, smuggling and even manufacturing guns when gun control laws prevented law-abiding citizens from buying guns.

    Don’t forget, even though it is a worn-out cliche, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have them.

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    Another point: It’s not necessary to give teachers “intensive firefight training”. In spite of the low average level of training acquired by private citizens who ultimately discharge a firearm in self-defense, those “untrained” citizens shoot the WRONG person only HALF as often as “trained” law enforcement officers.

    Yes, training is good, and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has offered to train up to three personnel from any school in the country for FREE. Their training is better than many police get, especially when PD budgets are tight.

    But the most important qualifications in defending oneself in ANY shooting situation are knowing WHO needs to be stopped and being invested in the fight. Law enforcement personnel can hardly be blamed for hesitating to run into a hail of lead, but a teacher is already in the fight and has no other choices and so is therefore highly motivated to fight.


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