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    Jersey Prophet

    You know when a judge appointed by the president is ‘requested ‘ to recuse himself, and when John Roberts personally intervenes, only judges who detest President Trump remain to sit in judgement of something 1, it involves the President, and 2, the outcome is pre-determined. You can bank the outcome being bad news for the POTUS.

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      Very silly comment Jersey. Each of the other SCOTUS judges had a chance to weigh in as well, yet they did not. Why? Silence. It is because they all know that Mueller’s investigation is reaching far beyond scope. I still believe this whole thing is going to backfire on the dems who orchestrated the mess from the beginning. Truth is, everyone who took part committed Treason trying to undermine the US constitution, and sound bite lies from the Lame Stream Media used to further the narrative will be admissible as evidence of conspiracy. Simple Modern Day Coup. Dressed up well, but Coup and treason, none the less.


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